The tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

It all started with a $77.00 speeding fine and has mushroomed to a reputation destroying journey through the press. Marcus Einfield, once a hero of the human rights mob, has put into practice what he preached….life is all about rights, not responsibilities.
He claimed someone else was driving his car on the day in question…oops she died three years before the event. He claimed qualifications from a US degree factory…you know the type….send us $5,000 and we’ll send you a degree.  Ooops….poor form. He claimes he was a director of Marks and Spencer Ltd London when only in his 30s…..oops they can’t find any record of him.
It get’s worse.  Einflied’s mouthpiece got caught out with an ex legal secretary, now prostitute, paying $500 per horizontal dance and further muddied the waters. The woman, who didn’t really change careers, just formalized the one, had her 15 minutes of fame attracting more interest in the case. The original $77.00 fine has mushroomed to a potentially hefty legal bill.
Mr Einfeld also took steps this week to expand the capacity of his legal team. A junior barrister is being recruited to assist Sydney silk Winston Terracini, and Mr Ryan has been replaced by solicitor Tim Quinn of law firm Colin Daley Quinn, which is based in the southern Sydney suburb of Kogarah.
Should the police inquiry go against Mr Einfeld, he risks being charged with making a false statement on oath, which carries a penalty of five years in prison. At what stage do you think he might have come to the realization that copping the $77.00 fine would have been by far the best solution? In his case, obviously too late.


  • Classy lot are the left wing judiciary….

    My personal favourite is that Justice of the High Court, the
    slimy Lionel Murphy and the 5 words that branded him in any context…
    “What about my little mate?”

    These clowns must think they’re bullet proof.

  • Those of us that have been aroung long enough realise that you don’t have to be bullet proof, just ensure that you will never be where the bullets are intended to strike. This rule of survival has been used by many people in high places in times of turmoil, as we well know.