Muslim Integration

JOHN Howard has singled out Muslim migrants for refusing to embrace Australian values and urged them to fully integrate by treating women as equals and learning to speak English.
Mr Howard said: “There is a section, a small section of the Islamic population, and I say a small section … which is very resistant to integration.
He’s right. The comments prompted a fierce reaction from young female Islamic leader Iktimal Hage-Ali, a member of the Prime Minister’s advisory group. She accused Mr Howard of threatening to further marginalise Muslims. “There’s no value in pointing out the minority of the Muslim group,” she said.
“There’s a whole lot of other ethnic communities whose parents, whose grandparents don’t speak the English language, and it’s never a problem in the mainstream Australian community for them to go on living their everyday life without speaking the language.
Iktimal Hage-Ali needs to come to grips with the fact that Islam has the monopoly on terrorism.  The one common factor through all of the carnage throughout the world is ‘Islam’.  The terrorists are all either born or converts to Islam and that fact alone needs separate considerations.  Too many of the Muslims migrating here publicly put down on our way of life or stand silent as others do. Physician, heal thyself.


  • John from Newcastle

    We Australians let our guard down and let these Muslim fanatics into our community and now everybody
    is whining about the fanatical behaviour that is happening. Well that is just the way these people
    are and we deserve all that is happening. Now the government has started to let the African
    lunatics in by the thousands every year and surprise surprise they are behaving in a equally
    destructive manner.
    I often wonder how peacefull and how much better Australia would have been if we had retained the
    White Australia Policy.

  • I think we need a progressive modern society where we accept people from all over if they choose to come here. The white Australia policy was stupid then, and it would be even more stupid now.

    That being said, there is nothing wrong with a more careful look at what it is to be an Australian, and we should start being a little more selective in who we let in.

    I’m not sure what we do with the nut cases we have here already, however. I want a free Australia, so I feel like stopping short of sanctioning them over their comments, while at the same time being worried about the actions their comments might provoke.

  • I’m with you Mathew although I have considered it might be reasonable to ask people who are here on a visa waiting citizenship to reject it if they mount the rostrum and incite others to murder Australians or to support others who murder us or who would want to or who are murdering our friends.

  • In for my two cents worth. I have studied multiculturalism so no-one tell me I don’t know what i’m talking about. I’ll discuss that and many others relevant without notice anytime. I have read Mabo (bad) decision, have nephews and nieces and brothers in law who are of ethnic (Danish) and Aboriginal background. We will always be mates in every sense of the word. However for the past 34 years I have worked in an industry that ‘is always at war’. I have had very close dealings with people from Arabic background, they have been mates and Truse Blue Aussies. I have also had very close contact with muslim arabic people. I relate two stories very briefly and not too much detail, the reasons I will not go into. Way back in 1981 I was involved in an incident that cased me to make a comment “That these people will cause us much grief in times to come”. The second was in dealings through a mosque, that when negotiations commence, no-one was standing out the front, when finished there was between 500 and 1000 people outside. Quoting the CIA Representing talking to Liz Hayes on 60 minutes last Sunday night “We are at war” Let me tell you I agree wholeheartedly with that comment and that its not if but when they will hit Australia. Its just not in their interest yet! But let me tell you this, they think they go to whever and seven virgins are waiting for them, if I go, I am going to do my danmest to ensure there are no virginwaiting anywhere. I do have much stronger views on what we as a nation should do, but it may be too extreme even for this site. But to quote R. Lee Ermey (have a look at his site) ONE NATION UNDER GOD OR KISS MY BUTT AND LEAVE. Each personseeking naturalisation should renounce their previous ciutizenship and swear total allegiance to Australia and our laws. Any contravention of those values should result in stripping of Australian Citizenship and deportation without appeal. We allow some groups in and exclude our friends from places like Fiji, how do we do this. People from Fiji and similar countries would love to come here and make Australia theri home, not some place, even if they are born here will never regard as their country. Support the fight against terorism, it will last for many years.

  • Graham
    Each person seeking naturalisation should renounce their previous ciutizenship and swear total allegiance
    to Australia and our laws.

    Yes!! emphatically Yes! and you’re right; the war will last for many years.