A fine week of sport

A fine week of sport nears its end as NZ and Australia do battle where it matters – on the sporting field. Early this week NZ beat us at Netball. What the hell is Netball, foreign readers might ask. It’s a womens sport not unlike basketball except a rule exists, primarily aimed, it would seem to me, at ruining the girls knee joints. The rule dissallows more than one step to be taken after catching the ball. To do this in full flight is a sight to terrify ‘medical bill paying’ parents. I was down in NZ some years ago and while there Australia beat the Kiwis at netball. They went into mourning with people crying on TV and headlines surrounded in black. Our cousins take their sport seriously. The real battles though, are fought on the football field. Last night the Kangaroos walloped the Kiwis with five unanswered tries (touchdowns). Way to go guys. However, tonight is THE test. Rugby Union (the game they play in heaven) is the real core of the Kiwi/Aussie relationship. No quarter asked and none given; every Bledisloe Cup match is undeclared war and games are national events with feelings running very high. If we loose tonight, tomorrow I’ll be unreconcilable, not so much from the loss but from from knowing I will have to endure weeks of “we beat you” statements from the other side of the ditch. I’ll also be $10.00 lighter as I have a standing bet with an ex Kiwi mate. Many years ago we bet $10 on a game and the All Blacks won. I thought it would be fitting to pay him with a NZ ten dollar note. It turned out more than fitting as the currency exchange rate favoured Australia and he ended up with $6.60 purchasing power. Since then it’s been…”$10 on the game?” “Yep! But make it Australian dollars please! Outside of the potential of Buddha saying for the gazillionth time…”Go you good thing”, it promises to be a great game. Update: Bugger!