Costello attacks PETA

The Federal Treasurer is planning to make it easier for the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) to take legal action against a group calling for an international boycott of Australian wool.

Peter Costello is angry that the group People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has called for an international boycott of Australian wool, as a protest against mulesing of sheep.

So am I, my family run sheep and wheat in WA.

He continues in his normal ‘calling a spade a spade’ manner;

“You can say what you like, you can be as ignorant as you like, and I think Martina Navratilova and Pink – when they campaign against Australian farmers – are ignorant,” he said.

“There’s no law that’s going to stop ignorant commentary, but there will be a law which will allow the ACCC to stand up for Australian farmers where they suffer from a boycott.”

I heard the interview on ABC radio and as usual they had a sound bite from Bob Brown rattling on about it being an attack on the freedom of speach. Of course the ABC always quote their darling Bob, (must be #1 on their speed dial) as his policies match the ABCs word for word.

A law against ignorant commentary…mmm….now there’s a thought.

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