Four found guilty over Pine Gap break-in

Good. Donna Mulhearn, 37, Jim Dowling, 50, Adele Goldie, 29, and Bryan Law, 51, were found guilty of a total of 14 charges, including trespassing in a prohibited area, damaging Commonwealth property and taking unlawful photographs of a defence site. Bryan Law, the Cairns cab driver and anti-everything explains himself in this report at Web Diary;
in Alice Springs in May/June this year we're running a parallel political program of information, protest and direct action outside the Court.
For those who come to Alice Springs, the nonviolence training will focus on foundation work for the formation and operation of small, autonomous affinity groups which undertake interventionary work against the U.S. war-fighting system. Intervention contains an element of physical disruption to the war machine. In December 2005 we forced Pine Gap to "lock down" for four hours. In later months the government was forced to conduct a security assessment of Pine Gap and improve their security at a cost of millions (so they say - we'll find out). We have driven up costs and made operations more difficult. We are few in number and small in resources, and we constitute an efficient and effective means of addressing war and the emerging security/terrorist state. To promote further actions of this nature we'll be working hard at diversity, mutual respect, cooperation, fun, spirit, miracles, and a relaxed but determined revolutionary zeal to manifest Peace on Earth in the ways that are available.
I've had some debates with him when he was writing his anti-everything diatribes at Web Diary and would gladly see him out of circulation for awhile.
....Crown Prosecutor Hilton Dembo said that the case was the first time intruders had reached the technical support area of the base, and said the case was exceptional in its nature. "They are serious offences striking at the heart of the national security and the national interest," he said.
Our friend Bryan sees himself as a martyr and asks the judge to throw the book at him telling Justice Thomas that he "is prepared for a custodial sentence."
"I ask that Your Honour does not grant a suspended sentence", he said. "That would be cruel. "I would not be able to abide by its conditions and we would just end up in court again. "Lay it on me Your Honour, and I'll serve it out."
Another of the futile four tried to recruit the judge;
Jim Golding, said he did not want to go to jail and invited Justice Thomas to "join the resistance, the side that's fighting for human rights.
The group will be sentenced tomorrow. They face a maximum jail term of seven years or a maximum fine of $46,200 under the Defence (Special Undertakings) Act. I doubt if any court in Australia will give them the maximum but one can always live in hope Dropkicks!

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  • (Welcome back, Kev)
    I just wonder what may have happened if the Federal Police guarding Pine Gap had opened fire on these people creeping around one of the country’s more stealthy establishments.
    All the righteous arguments in the world won’t help if you are in some alert police officer’s sights in a free fire zone.
    I predict a small fine, a community service order and an injunction not to go near Pine Gap again.
    I further predict the dunces will head back to their inner city enclaves and proclaim “Victory, man, we beat the pigs”
    All very retro 60’s crap from ageing hippies seeking relevance.