I’m off on a trip

I’m off on a trip soon and I’m worried about driving in Melbourne where I could end up on an e-toll expressway without knowing it and without having purchased a ticket from I don’t know where. Little did I know that it’s a lot worse than that. The Melbourne Traffic Nazis have booked a guy for parking in a clearway even though he had the perfect excuse – he was dead at the time! The Traffic Nazi, From Sonnington Council, reportedly approached the car, looked inside and then went around the other side of the vehicle, peered inside again and then started writing out the ticket. Didn’t it occur to the ticket writer that something was amiss. I mean how many times do these people book cars with comatose bodies inside? How about a rap on the window and “Excuse me, are you OK? No. I’m paid to write tickets! I’ve seen some dead bodies in my time and they never look like their just having a nap. There is something different in the way they repose that generally poses the thought – there is something wrong here. And I’m worried about my wife and daughters in London. From the Courier Mail – more>> Update The devastated parents of the man have been hit with a $165.00 towing fee to remove his car from the clearway. Towing company spokesman Mark Adams said charging the fee was a commercial decision and no one was exempt. He continues in the same compassionate vein; ” I don’t know if that makes me callous but I’ve got trucks to run and I’ve got to make a quid,” he said. “It’s a user-pays state these days unfortunately – unfortunately somebody has to pay me.” If I’m in need in Melbourne I must make a note not to call South Suburban Towing Group

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  • I think you have confused towing companies with the Police, See, the Police is the last free public service available, the rest of us are in it to make a living. If we were to give free towing to every person in need, in a sticky situation, on welfare, unemployed, self funded retirees, single mothers, lower soci-economic imigrants, the deaf, the black, the chinese and the computer illiterate, we’d go BROKE!! Hey, sorry to hear the guy passed away, also sorry to hear the poor towie had to reach into where a human corpse had been sitting for who knows how long, rotting away in his own juices! Did you give any thought to that you whinning bastard!! And just what do YOU do for a living anyway!!?? Probably working for the Stinkin’ Tax office!!! How about giving everyone a chance to have a go at you and your occupation big man!!! Scum like you waste good air!!! We tow cars to make a living.. We pay our taxes and provide a service… Maybe YOU should go out and buy yourself a $120,000.oo tow truck, pay all your taxes, rego, insurances and all the other crap that we’re having to pay, then YOU go out and work FOR FREE!!! Decased driver tows are a small part of what we have to do, a small ugly part, but we do them anyway, because it’s part of the job. Why not have a go at funeral Directors and Ambulance Services!!! Have you seen their prices lately!!??? I feel sorry for South Suburban Towing, getting so little for having to do that tow for that price… I did one recently, the car hit a pole, ripped in half and burst into flames… The price….$972.50!!!!! That’s more like it!!! Now have a whindge at that ya spineless jelly fish!!!