Pumpkin’s mum long time finding

FOR at least six days, Anan Liu lay dead in the boot of her husband's car outside their family home. For two of those days, police cordoned off the Keystone Avenue house while they looked for the young mother, clueless to her whereabouts.
Embarrassed Auckland police yesterday defended their decision not to make an earlier search of the car, saying they did not have the proper warrants.
Proper warrants! Proper stuff-up. They should be embarrassed. UPDATE: I can't believe it happened on Keystone Avenue


  • I was watching the NZ Police Deputy Commissioner trying to defend his bumbling “detectives” on NZ Prime News via Sky News earlier today.

    The NZ Press are seriously sticking the boot into their police over this fiasco, as well they should.

    A prominent NZ QC opined that under the circumstances, a search warrant for the car could have been obtained from a magistrate in “a very short amount of time”.
    “Under 15 minutes?” came a Press question, “Oh, yes” replied QC.

    There is an undercurrent to this about too many touchy feely policies and women in high positions in the NZ Police Force. Expect to hear more, and see some heads roll.

  • Another coup for Helen. Sometimes I feel sorry for our cousins but then I remind myself; “They keep on electing them – they can live with the results”.

  • Come on Kev, ………… The next time the All Blacks lose you’ll be blaming Helen Clark.

  • I’ll be too busy celebrating.