The Australian now agrees with me on whaling
After a clumsy three-week delay, the Oceanic Viking finally left port on its mission of official government activism, apparently to collect more evidence for what is already well-documented activity, for some future but unspecified legal action against the Japanese Government. International law has to date offered little resolution in this regard. The action appears to have done little more than antagonise Australia's biggest trading partner at the highest levels and weakened the Government's ability to act diplomatically and strategically to actually do something about moderating the Japanese whale cull.
and this
The Japanese fleet plans to take about 935 minke whales in the Southern Ocean this season. The IWC estimates there are somewhere between 500,000 and over a million swimming around those parts. As environmentalist Tim Flannery pointed out, you can hardly mount a case against it on sustainability grounds. The managed harvesting of thousands of other equally sentient mammals for food occurs every day in Australia without so much as a murmur.
The country needs to know that the entire anti-whaling operation is based on activists and their agenda. Paul Watson, 'Captain' of the Steve Irwin (so named for it's Australian appeal) is nothing short of a lunatic with an unhealthy hatred for all fisherman. I particularly note this quote from the above link.
When a former Greenpeace colleague criticized Watson for sinking half a fleet of Icelandic whaling boats in 1986, Watson replied, "So what?" he he said. "We did not sink those ships for you or for any of the six billion hominid a--holes on this planet…we could not give a damn what human beings have to say about the actions." "The world will be a much nicer place without us [humans]," he said on another occasion, adding that he "owed no allegiance to humanity." This message is incongruous with his assertion that the SSCS is "a vehicle to empower people.
This man has the Australian government dancing to his own sick tune. I do not sit easy with the fact that the government of a country like Australia is acting as a paid up member of a radical organization that terrorizes people going about their legitimate business. The entire affair is very untidy and leaves Australia's reputation as a reasoned and intelligent player shattered.