Kangaroos get reprieve so they can starve to death

THE planned cull of kangaroos on defence land in Canberra has been put on hold after the department asked the ACT Government to approve a trial of moving them. Read 'The Department has been told by the government, who have been told by the Left/Greens, to ask the ACT government to approve a trial of moving them...or anything that would take it of the front pages. The debacle over the Government supporting anti-whaling terrorists is bad enough but to have the animal activists preaching hypocracy is worse ACT Animal Liberation president Mary Hayes and the ACT Greens are against the cull for the usual uneducated reasons. Bob Green says his usual anti-anything mantra and about 70 activists have protested. This small group of second rate players and unwashed activists have dictated terms to a government and one of it's largest departments. Two weeks ago the Rudd government/Defence were happy for the cull to go ahead and now they're not. The Greens have held sway and a solution has been turned into a crime. Defence have been forced to back down and announced today;
....it remained interested in researching options other than a cull, particularly given public opposition to that plan. "Approval has therefore been requested from the ACT Government to undertake a scientific trial of kangaroo management techniques, including translocation,'' defence said. "Pending the ACT Government's response to the defence proposal, the cull of kangaroos ... will be placed on hold.''
We cull millions every year but a the thought of culling a few hundred in the ACT force the government to back down. Who's running the country again?

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  • I see the point – that is, Japan has been in Australia’s sights now over whaling.
    And Japan retaliates by showing outrage in the way Australia treats its national symbol.
    This is what happens when you intervene in legitimate activities of other countries – you must be squeaky clean yourself.

    If Australia hadn’t intervened in the Japanese whaling activities then Japan wouldn’t give a damn about the kangaroos.

    This is how it got on the international agenda, plus it gives a bit of oxygen to some local ‘activists’.