I don’t know about others

I don’t know about others but I think Indonesia will regret giving Baasyir only four years. For one, It doesn’t matter how long they put him away he will still be able to influence Jemaah Islamiah. In a country that sets very high corruption standards do you really believe that all the prison guards are professional. Of course not! The ‘four years sentence’ sends a message that Indonesia is still not serious about terrorism. In times when the press wasn’t so aware, Indonesia would have simply executed or prisoned for life anyone who had a hint of treason about him – and this guy has been found guilty. Times do change. Keep a watch on Baasyir, you’ll be hearing more about him. Here for a US report from the Washington Post and here for an Australian perspective from the Sydney Morning Herald. Downer, the Foreign Minister, reflects majority opinion when he says he’s surprised.