Kangaroo culls

Pat O'Brien, the leader of the anti Kangaroo cull in Canberra claims kangaroos are already being culled and that it would only cost $750,000 to move the roos elsewhere. There are a bout 400 roos in the area so they are suggesting the country spend $1875 per roo to fix the problem. Yeah right! I figure one round per roo couldn't cost much more than a few bucks and the problem is solved. If we never culled any roos we would be overrun by them, farmers would be in dire troubles and the panel beating industry would be on a winner. The video below has O'Brien explaining how Steve Irwin (now the zoo itself) is funding his anti-kangaroo cull. The video shows O'Brien living in a house owned by the Irwins and goes into details of how he just has to ask and $2,000 a day barristers are paid for by the Zoo. He submits a monthly budget and the money is there just three days later. I have no problem with the Australian Zoo doing there bit for wildlife but some common sense wouldn't go astray. Helping endangered species would be a start - maybe they could spend a bit of their money culling the feral cats that are putting dozens of species on the endangered list or even helping to protect the bilby but to spend money trying to stop roo culling is pure activist idealolgical bullshit. Wasting money on a waste of time. I know who I'd be culling.