Education watch

Julia Gillard on ABC has trouble convincing Lyndal Curtis the the ALP education policy is original.

LYNDAL CURTIS: But you’re introducing the same element of compulsion that the Howard government proposed on transparency.

JULIA GILLARD: No, we’re introducing a very different system. And the important difference, the most important difference to understand is this. The Howard government went to State and Territory Governments and said, we want transparency in order to hold you up to public ridicule and to play a political blame game. We want transparency to help batter Labor Governments around the country.

A few points, Julia
1 The Howard government didn’t say that,
2. It wasn’t their intent, and
3 They were trying to do what you say you are trying to do.

There is no question that what Rudd and Gillard are trying to do has some merit, as most Coalition policies have merit, but the telling point is will the states and territories roll over for the Feds?

The local ALP boys run the education systems and the teacher’s unions and members are a part of their power base thus it’ll take a lot of beating over their respective heads with baseball bats before they come to the party. Transparency is not a natural policy of the Left and the Left lead the state’s debate on education.

Once again, just because Rudd has said it will happen, that it is his plan, doesn’t make it so.

Good idea, good luck!

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