Debate or classified ad?

Chris McGrath in the Courier Mail underlines what is wrong with Climate debate.
We should judge our climate-change policies by this simple test: Will we leave the Great Barrier Reef for our children? At present the answer is “no”. We are all responsible for changing the answer to “yes”.
We should judge all such comments by this simple test: Is it alarmist and if so what is the originators agenda? In the on-line link Chris is just Chris McGrath. In the newspaper he is Dr Chris McGrath, a Barrister specializing in environmental law. Could I suggest the article would have been better placed in the classified section of the paper under “Barristers, Environmental Law”.

One comment

  • So we can add ‘environmental law’ to the list which includes equal opportunity law, tort law, industrial law, family law, consumer law and taxation law etc.

    It’s getting to be a long list; soon we’ll need a new classification within which to fit all these new types of law.

    A new classification which can be used to organise these new laws in order to make it easier for judges and lawyers, something similar to public law, statute law or criminal law.

    Something pithy and representative – I know, how about ‘on the bandwagon law’.