Weekly Global Waming panic report

CLIMATE change is likely to deprive us of the pleasures of eating beef and lamb, instead forcing us to contemplate platefuls of kangaroo meat and threatening another Australian table staple — seafood. A report to be released by the CSIRO today says changes in temperature, ocean currents, rainfall and extreme weather events could cost Australian fisheries tens of million of dollars.
Hardest hit could be stocks of Tasmanian salmon, estimated to be worth $221million in 2005-06 and representing 30 per cent of the total national aquaculture production. The report says projected ocean warming of 2-3 degrees by 2070 could render salmon farming unviable, leaving open the possibility of salmon farmers having to shift their operations offshore to deeper, cooler waters.
That’s assuming the industry place their respective heads in the sand and ignore any climate change over the next 50 odd years. It also assumes no one will google Salmon farming+optimal temperatures. and find as I did that 2-3 degrees variation over 50 years is totally irrelevant when the current industry norms say optimal temperatures for salmon/trout farming currently works on a temperature range of +- 8 degrees. In addition to this genetic research and development is looking for stock that can be grown commercially in 3 to 21 degree range as stated in the Australian Fish Farmer
Although selective breeding for a genotype that displays Upper and Lower Critical Tolerance (UCL & LCL) should enable growers to farm the species in regions that would otherwise be marginal, The UCL for cold water species would be something like 21 degrees C and the LCL would be 3 degrees C.
Panic, you bastards and join the Church of the Latter Day Alarmists but don’t, whatever you do, question our gospel.

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    There is at least one positive to come out of the current financial difficulties. And that, is the the relegation of the climate catastrophists’ outpourings to the social pages of the Wrapupville Gazette.