Obama and his friends

While the ABC, SBS and tabloid TV stations fall over themselves to report Sarah Palin had the temerity to suggest someone should be sacked for behaviour unbecoming an officer of the law; I thought, in the interests of balance, a consideration currently AWOL in the media’s coverage of the US Presidential elections, that I should link to the post below. Question: Does Barack Obama Have Any Friends Who AREN’T Communists? Good question and some answers here This week will be politics free for me as I go to Lamington NP to run a base camp for college boys studying Australian Environmental Studies. I have switched off moderation as I won’t be able to do so until Saturday morning. Go for it! Debate that is, not abuse.


  • Socialism is far far far better than feudalism, which is where we’re headed with the top 400 people in the USA richer than the bottom 150 million, with the top 11,000 richer than the rest of the country combined.

  • “Socialism is far far far better than feudalism…”


  • “There is clearly a core of decency in McCain that he has tapped back into — much to the chagrin of the nihilists surrounding him — and that may well be the greatest contribution he has made to the republic in his long chaotic life.”
    This from Crikey.com in referring to his attempts to rein in some of the ratbags who are being fired up by Palin.
    She’s getting a fair go from the media – they’re reporting what they’re seeing.

  • Obama obviously has partied with all types to get where he is, the only problem I have with him is how many favours does he owe to the wrong people..???…his wife seems to have a few similar problems….

  • Trotting out policital scuttlebutt from a star wars themed website would seem beneath you Kev! Anyone who has read even a little about this years presidential campaign would know that there has been a massive smear campaign directed at Obama, and that it is pretty much unfounded.

    If we are going to comment about their election, how about finding some facts to hang your opinion on; Things like their voting record, for example?

  • So what exactly was unfounded? Do we define connecting Obama with Ayers as a smear campaign and if so how on earth do we define the media frenzy in relation to Palin?

  • This quote from Colin Powell puts the “Obama consorts with terrorists meme” to bed –

    (Washington Post – Monday, October 20, 2008)

    In explaining his decision, Powell was more critical of the Republican Party and McCain’s campaign than of the candidate himself. He said Republican attempts to tie Obama to the 1960s domestic terrorism of William Ayers amounted to “demagoguery” and a distraction from pressing issues.

    “I understand what politics is all about,” Powell said, “. . . but I think this goes too far. . . . It’s not what people are looking for.”

  • It may be a distraction from pressing issues but it is a base issue that should’ve been sorted out before we looked at ‘pressing issues’ It won’t be but that’s the media for you.

    It’s not ‘an attempt to tie Obama with Ayers’ – it’s a fact but given the polls it would appear the people don’t understand, agree with Ayers or just plain don’t care.
    Either way it looks like we are about to have a left-winger running the US. Not good in my opinion but then I have a longer memory than most and know how dangerous they are.

    Demagoguery no. It is not just rhetoric to appeal to prejudices it is a reasonable question that Obama is ignoring.

  • Forgot to mention.

    I note al Jazeera, the al Qaeda recruitment TV channel is for Obama as well.