For better or worse

President Elect Obama has the left and other assorted anti US groups in such a euphoric state that it gives rise to a feeling of alarm, as in, if something looks to good. it most probably is.

Bloggers and readers of the conservative faith may remember Arthur Chrenkov who ran a blog in Australia sometime back that specialized in pointing out the good news from Iraq. His pleas for rational thought on Iraq have long been vindicated and today, whilst reading Pajamas Media I came across Arthur again. I haven’t seen him since we had a beer together at the Bekkie Creek some years ago so I’m pleased to hear he is still kicking around.

You might like to read his thoughts on Obama and don’t forget to read the comments to get a sample of the depth of feeling.

A sample;

Is anyone suprised to read the calls for unity, how we all need to get behind Obama, how we shouldn’t get ODS, how we should stop labeling Obama, don’t call him unpatriotic?

Unless I’ve lost my memory aren’t these the some of the same people who have been calling conservatives stupid, evil, blah, blah, blah? Now all of a sudden we’re supposed to join hands around the campfire and sing songs?

There is no reason to support Obama’s judgment any more today than there was yesterday. If he governs as the flaming liberal his past indicates he is – it will be a disaster for the country. If he governs from the center as the conservative talking heads who jumped ship hope he will – the angst & unhappiness of the uber-left will bring me great amusement.

I intend to give President Obama and his administration the same respect and consideration many on the Left gave Pres Bush.

Fair enough too, although I intend to try and keep irrational emotion out of my comments and stick to known facts. I doubt I’ll ever blame Obama for any future hurricane that hits New Orleans but I will be keeping a watch on just how far left the administration veers.

It’s a long time since I’ve been moved by fanatical religious rallies as witnessed last night on TV so a healthy skepticism will be the order of the day.

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