Marcus depressed

MARCUS Einfeld is not well and will slide deeper into depression if he's handed a full-time jail term for perjury, his psychiatrist has told a court. And...?


  • Isn’t the point of Jail that you are not meant to be happy to be going?

  • Well Kev, what else would you expect “his psychiatrist” to say? If I were in the poo I too would shop around until I found an “expert” to support my case.

    Seems to me the solution is a hat full of names of “experts” from which is’onour pulls out a name. He is then the “expert”.

    Don’t like the one you drew? Well thats’ just too bloody bad – maybe you should not have brought the case in the first place.

  • If I had typed words after And? they would have mentioned the fact that every man facing goal time is bound to feel depressed but I would wonder at what time in the proceedings would he admit his guilt and accept his punishment. I doubt that he will do time but maybe the beak will make an example of him.

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