What on earth is he on about?

obama President Obama continues with his left wing plan to lend support to the Terrorists and every little Communist dictator he meets.   Forelock tugging in the Middle East, smiles and chats with Chavez and ” Hello Cuba, I want to be your friend” type activities must be making for many a wide eyed foreign diplomat.  But that’s not all! Let’s tell the world, including the terrorists trying every day to kill us,  just how we go about extracting information from them. After releasing details on so called torture he assured a mainly wide eyed CIA audience that they shouldn’t worry and then the next day talks of Bush Officials being probed about their legal advice giving the green light for the so called torture.
The president last week overruled objections from Central Intelligence Agency officials and released documents that described such interrogation tactics as waterboarding, slamming prisoners against walls and confining them in cramped spaces — sometimes populated with insects — to induce fear.
Mark Corallo, a former Bush administration official in the Department of Justice lays it on the line.
“To even leave the door open to prosecuting lawyers who in good faith sought to provide legal advice to our military and intelligence community, who were protecting us from more terrorist attacks, is outrageous and shows a lack of leadership and an unfortunate act of obeisance towards the radical left of the president’s party,”
Even Mr. Obama’s director of national intelligence, Dennis Blair, defended the harsh practices.
He wrote in a letter to colleagues last week that “high-value information came from interrogations in which those methods were used and provided a deeper understanding of the al Qaeda organization that was attacking this country.”
Slamming prisoners against the wall….oh my God, the horror of it all! But really, if just one American life was saved by these ‘abhorrant interrogation techniques’ then it is justified. The fact that hundreds and possibly thousands of lives have been saved makes me ask ‘What on earth is he on about? More at WSJ


  • Those pussies don’t know what torture is.
    I’ve just got over a vertigo attack that lasted for a few days.
    I would have spilled the beans on anyone if they could have just stopped the room from spinning.

  • Vertigo…is that like the morning after ANZAC Day? Seriously I know it’s not good but your comment did raise a smile.

  • Hi Kev,
    Off topic, but I wanted to ask you a question and couldn’t find an email address on the site..
    What’s the feeling among vet’s about children/grandchildren marching for their deceased veteran relative?
    My Grandfather died 18 months ago, and on my last visit to my Grandmother, she gave me his WW2 medals etc.
    In his later years he rarely went to the ANZAC Day march, and while I had often wanted to talk to him more about his service, after they had moved to Tasmania (from Queensland), it’s something that never seemed to happen.
    Any info etc. would be greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks Kev,
    Yeah, It’s something I’m considering doing.
    My Grandfather was in 2/12 Battalion, wounded at Tobruk and
    discharged late 1942.
    Where does the Brisbane march assemble?
    I’m not sure I can make it tomorrow, but I’m going to try.
    Thanks again.

  • Also Kev, How do I go about identifying older Medals?
    Inside the box I was given is also some WW1 and Boer War Medals, but I have little
    idea who’s they are (or even what they are in some cases).
    There’s even a newspaper clipping about a ‘Mentioned In Despatches’ during th Boer War for someone
    for someone who I assume is a relative, but can’t find in the family tree.

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