Greenpeace idiots stuff up society

ENVIRONMETAL activists have shut down a coal digger at an Australian power station that provides eight per cent of the country's coal-reliant electricity market, to protest against government climate policies.
Greenpeace said today's dawn protest by around 14 activists at the Hazelwood Power Stationin Victoria was the latest part of an ongoing campaign to reduce Australia's carbon emissions.
"Australia is digging itself into a hole. By phasing out coal and investing in renewable energy, we can protect our environment and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs," Greenpeace campaigner Simon Roz said.
Hundreds of thousands of jobs?  How? Laws need to be changed so that Greenpeace can be charged all costs associated with criminal act and the 14 perpetrators should be locked up. People are aware that coal powered electricity is dirty but until we have a reliable alternative we have to keep using it.  


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