Bush on Howard I found

Bush on Howard I found that John Howard was a visionary person who can see beyond the noise inherant in a democracy. What the rabble don’t understand is that they are just that – a noise. The people at the football who boo’d Howard are just that, a noise, and their actions say more about them than it does about Howard. If Tasmanian anti-war MP Harry Quick stands up and puts his back to Bush then that reflects on Harry, not on Howard or Bush or, for that matter, Australia. I will be slightly embarrassed that Australia’s parliament has such an idiot in its ranks but I know the world will not think all of us are like that. Go for it, Harry you are nothing but the background noise of democracy. I surfed by The Age yesterday but couldn’t catch a wave – just ripples of malcontent. Of thirteen op-eds and features, thirteen are negative. A few examples – US heads fail to win Iraqi hearts, A bloody message for the US, For Americans, the mourning has just begun-Fears are growing that Iraq may turn into another Vietnam, Occupied Iraq will never know peace, Show us the documents, Mr Howard and A misuse of military might: Ho hum…just another credibility gap. Either The Age has a terribly small circulation or most people only buy it for the football results. A hundred percent anti-Howard/Bush/Iraq War does not reflect the opinions of the general public. 90% of their circulation must centre around Monash Uni or maybe Jim Cairns did a deal for his desk at the markets before he went off to have dinner with Stalin. More noise. Static in the background of the real world.