Bloody Hetero Matelots


Pic courtesy of the ABC

Sailors are in trouble for being sailors. FEDERAL Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick has defended the navy against suggestions it cultivates demeaning attitudes towards women. Ms Broderick’s comments followed revelations sailors aboard the HMAS Success offered financial rewards to crew members who slept with female sailors. Revelations! Wow this must be serious
Yesterday, the navy confirmed four crew members from the Success were sent home from Singapore in May as a result of the allegations. The sailors had reportedly compiled a book, titled The Ledger, detailing financial rewards for male crewmen who slept with female sailors. Sailors who slept with female officers or lesbians stood to gain more money, according to the reports. The book was apparently discovered by crew and the captain was alerted.
Yesterday the Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Russ Crane, said the navy would not tolerate the sort of behaviour the four were alleged to have engaged in. Chief of Navy! How the hell did he get involved. Admittedly it’s a bit tacky but that’s it. It should have been handled in house and the media should have had the manners to leave it alone. Now the PM is involved
Reports of a sex betting ring on board a Navy ship are disturbing, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says.
I agree – it’s almost as disturbing as public figures frequenting strip clubs and drinking too much to remember the event next day. At least there is no report of the sailors paying the ladies for their services unlike that on offer at the venue Rudd visited.


  • I can imagine no worse horror than young men having consensual sex with young women and then bragging about it in a rather grubby fashion.

    Oh, hang on, yes I can. its pretty stock standard stuff for that age group.

  • “. . . . and if somehow my conduct ain’t all your fancy paints, why, single men in barracks don’t grow into plaster saints.”

    “Tommy” by Rudyard Kipling, 1892.

    PM, Dep PM, CN et al. A pack of public purse paid prudes, sanctimonious purse lipped wowsers who would suck every bit of fun and joy out of life. (Everyone else’s life of course. Some pigs are more equal than others).

  • Rudd, disturbed by something demeaning to women? Give me a break! It was only last month he was upsetting some poor stewardess: he has a tendancy for it apparently.

    Then there is a song all about his desertion of a woman who REALLY needs his help:
    … sung by… a young woman.

    Running a away from a promise, eh? Keep your word Mr Rudd.

  • Interesting that the crew members got the idea that some of the crew were lesbians. We certainly have a rainbow Navy these days.

  • let me get this right….males sharing with females in a previously male dominated area….so one would have to think …females wanting to be males and try to mix in with males in a male dominated society…ergo females sharing male dominated areas….so we have males being males in a male dominating society where females are in a minority… in a reverse of the old bend over for the golden rivet…we have males chasing females instead of the obvious…..In my view it must be the officers getting jealous….the cabin boys are chasing females…????

  • Bring back “rum, buggery and the lash”…

  • Ah where as the Blue Funnel boys once had “Rum, bum and gramophone” only.

    They are now mainstream with the rest of us and can enjoy “wine”, women and song

  • Ah yes, nciley put, everyone.

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