The Soldier of the Future

This from Defence Media Defence Minister Robert Hill today unveiled two innovative Defence industry proposals for equipment that will enhance the safety and fighting capability of the soldier of the future. The first is a miniature personal power generation system that can be used to power the combat systems used by soldiers on a modern battlefield, such as night vision goggles, mobile computers, communications equipment and thermal imaging weapon sights. The Personal Generation System is the concept of Melbourne-based technology firm, Tectonica Australia Pty Ltd. “The ‘Generette’ will have enough power for three days at a time, will recharge in minutes and weigh only one kilogram,” Senator Hill said. “Less weight to carry and an assured power supply will mean the soldier can be deployed more effectively for extended periods.” The second proposal involves the development of small helmet-mounted sensors that will help the soldier to detect the source of enemy weapons fire and respond more effectively. The Acoustic Threat Localisation System is the concept of Canberra-based Pacific Noise & Vibration Pty Ltd. “The initial concept is a miniature acoustic system that will detect sniper, mortar and artillery fire allowing the soldier to respond and counter these threats,” Senator Hill said. “The system will be developed further to detect larger weapons fire, vehicles and aircraft through helmet-mounted displays.” I’m pleased this technology is being sourced in Australia but it kinda makes me think my soldiering days were in the last century….hang on, they were.