Iraq and Vietnam

An article by Joe Galloway places the Iraq/Vietnam wars in perspective. To me, Joe Galloway is believable as he reported the Vietnam War from the bush and not some comfortable hotel in Saigon. He was at the battle of Ia Drang, the basis for the movie We Were Soldiers Once, and Young and now he’s covering the present Iraqi situation as the head military correspondent and a sydicated columnist for Knight-Ridder Newspapers. Streams, in Texas knows Galloway personally and I’m indebted to him for the link. Galloway starts; First, let’s examine the big differences. They don’t fight to unify their homeland, but to regain a brutal minority’s power over an enslaved majority. They have no Ho Chi Minh to put a kindly and photogenic visage on their campaign. They don’t have a China or a Soviet Union to pump in weapons and ammunition and carry the ball for them in the United Nations and internationally They don’t have the sanctuaries that afforded easy shelter and protection for the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese. No Cambodia. No Laos. It’s the similarities that make you sit up an notice. Go read the article here. It’s not too long.


  • Thanks for the mention of Joe’s article Kev.

    Joe is a fervent supporter of our troops…but, as you can imagine with his experience in Vietnam, has a wary eye on the civilian leadership who sends them in harms way.

  • Pedro the Ignorant

    A timely and thoughtful article from one who has a lot of credibility.

    The comparisons are almost spooky.