Viet Vet being deported

A CONVICTED West Australian killer is set to be released from a Bangkok prison after serving just over two years for gunning down an American in a Chiang Mai restaurant. Vietnam veteran William Thomas Douglas, 62, was convicted of murdering US tourist Gary Booth Poretsky, 46, in March 2008 after the pair had an argument over Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.
Douglas shot three bullets into Poretsky, including one to his head. Following the shooting, Douglas pleaded guilty to murder and reportedly told police he was doing work for the Thai Narcotics Suppression Bureau.
Douglas’s version of events was rejected by official sources, who said he was drunk. Douglas told the court at his sentencing he had lived in Thailand for almost 30 years. According to an Australian reporter in court at the time, Douglas said Poretsky had antagonised him by saying Australia was a tool of the US. “I pulled out my gun and shot him,” Douglas told the court. I personally wouldn’t have shot the Yank but I can sympathize with the digger and the abiding lesson must be; If you are a “tool” of the communists it’s best you don’t mention it to a drunk, armed digger.

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  • Kev
    On each of my trips back to Vietnam I’ve run into Australian veterans living there as ex-pats. There seem to be heaps of them – many with Vietnamese families. All of those I’ve met are TPIs. It’s an interesting phenomenon. Generally they’re made welcome and refrain from shooting people.

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