Someone noticed

I've made the New York Times They are carrying a link to my post on Julia Gillard's irresponsible dealings with the National Security Committee where she sends a junior staffer to attend in her place. Now if I can just get Australians to recognize how bad she is then all will be well in the world. Still, as I mentioned in the original post, the people voting for her wouldn't know what National Security was anyway.


  • Well done with the link Kev!

    Come election day, all that the clowns will be thinking about is how grouse she looked in woman’s day, bugger that “national thingy-ma-bob”, let’s vote for her anyway huh?

    I can hear them all now.

  • Well done Kev.

    A fellow ex RAAF wing commander commented to me recently that although both of us were cleared to Secret, that would not have been good enough to get us into some meetings of the NSC.

    Which raises the obvious questions – what security clearance did the staffer have, and if it was not high enough, did the PM insist he attend anyway? And, in sending the staffer, was regard paid to the principle of need to know ?

    Bearing in mind her background, I do not wonder at her attitude towards national security. It bothers me also that her background would probably have disqualified her from membership of the ADF or, from gaining access to sensitive matters if she had been allowed to join.

    I would feel better if the media tried to shine more light on this business.

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