Dash for diabetes

Dash for Diabetes

Third child and daughter Jennifer is doing a Dash for Diabetes over in West Australia. She plans to walk the 80k from Perth to Mandurah within 24 hours as a charity drive for Diabetes WA. Our 1st child and son has type 1 insulin dependent diabetes thus the family interest. If you have rellies so inflicted or if you just think it's a good cause then you can go to the site and donate some dosh to help. Oh, and don't bet on her not being up to the task...she's tough. A couple of years ago she did the full length of the Sandakan Death march as a charity walk. Ah kids, the gift that keeps on giving.


  • Good for her! There is Diabetes in my family as well. Unfortunately it’s becoming more and more common. I’ve made a donation.

  • I’ve put a link to this on my blog.

  • Thanks mate for the donation and link

  • Diabetes is one of the most dreaded and deadliest diseases afflicting mankind right now. The biggest drawback with these illness is that there is still no permanent cure for it but the good thing is that if 1 is willing to change his lifestyle for the greater this disease may be kept under control and 1 can lead a regular healthy life. In this article let us come across out a few of the things it is possible to do to maintain diabetes under control.

  • The way to lower blood sugar levels is another matter entirely, and one that can seem anything but straightforward.Medications can obtain this, of course, and you may possibly have to be on some. But there are lots of much more measures that you’ll be able to take to control your diabetes and slow its progression, starting with changing your diet.

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