Katter for the Coalition

I've just received a text from mate Bicko saying Katter has gone for the Coalition making it 74:74 What pressure on the other two now. They did say they would most probably have to vote for stable government. Link up now at news.com UPDATE: Windsor has gone for ALP based on the un-costed , most expensive broadband in the world. UPDATE11: Oakeshott to form minority government based on rural education?? Gillard can now form a minority government. Good luck, Julia. You are definitely going to need a lot of it.


  • “Oakeshott to form minority government based on rural education??”
    I can’t think of a more worthwhile issue – except perhaps rural education for kids with disabilities…..

    • That’s why the country is stuffed. Too many voters voting on single issues. The government is incompetent but because they talk of one day maybe having a brilliant rural education system and the most expensive broadband in the world these two Independents gave them power when 90% of their electorates didn’t want ALP in power.

    • So Windsor is going to support Gillard because he is so out of touch he thinks having a piece of fishing line hanging out of a wall socket is the way of the future.

      Well kiddies, forget your iPhone, wireless laptop dongles and all the other mobile devices in use today and in development like the iPad, Kindle and so on. What a fool.

      Oh by the way look forward to paying double or even triple for your power and water once the electricity tax starts to gouge great holes in your wallets.

      No more casual drives into the city when fuel hits $2.50 a litre – the price of food and services will rise in concert with fuel and other energy prices too.

      It is going to be a very long and austere term of government with hardly a bill passing the Reps.

      The idiot child Oakeshott has so little grasp of the real world he actually thinks a hamstrung and divided Labor government will live in ‘harmony and light’ when the faction fighting which saw Rudd knifed in the back rages again – what a tool.

      As for rural education, if anyone believes Ms school-halls will deliver on that bit of pork they are bigger fools than the two self-aggrandising muppets who just shafted their electorates.

      The funniest explanation came from Windsor as he flapped about whilst stammering out his pathetic and transparent reason for supporting the pink batt team – he said he was looking for stability so he supported Labor as he thought more people supported the Coalition and if he gave them the Guernsey Abbott would call an early election and win.

      So a loser voted to support a party of losers to keep his own seat.

      And this from the ‘man’ who argued against a new coal mine until he was bought off by a mining company’s extraordinary offer for his farm.

      Windsor bought and paid for with 3 times more coal money per acre than his neighbours and the idiot-child Oakeshott purchased for the price of a bigger office and commonwealth car and driver.


  • “Well kiddies, forget your iPhone, wireless laptop dongles and all the other mobile devices in use today and in development like the iPad, Kindle and so on”
    Try working in remote communities and relying on wireless for communication. Typical city-centric view – you’ve obviously never had to stand on the roof of your vehicle to get a signal. Try it in Wyandra, Morven, Augathella, Thargomindah etc. The biggest waste of money I’ve been involved in recently was the purchase of a wireless subscription for my laptop whilst working in the bush – and this is with Telstra, the best network available. The locals claim the coverage runs of the street lights, because where there aren’t any, you don’t communicate.
    “Ms school-halls will deliver on that bit of pork”
    She already has – nationwide. St George has an indoor gym and a state of the art library fully wired for (wait for it) fibre, Thargomindah a brilliant air-conditioning system which makes a major difference in the 40+ temperatures common out there, Miles a wheelchair accessible library etc. None of these would have been built without BER. Every school has received a benefit – first new construction for many of them since the original buildings went up.
    Windsor and Oakshott would have been heroes if they’d supported the Coalition – now Windsor’s receiving death threats at his office, and Oakshott’s family gets monstered by boofheads from the Coalition.
    What is it with the Right and violence?

  • “Typical city-centric view…”

    Another typically ignorant rant from bobby red herring.

    I live in the bush not the city and as my ‘landline’ runs past the gate of my property in a concrete box marked ‘PMG’ I choose to rely on a NextG card in my laptop for a fast and reliable internet connection.

    That poor bobby red herring can’t get his to work, when hundreds of thousands of other people can, isn’t surprising and says more about bobby than wireless internet.

    I’ve used my wireless card all over Australia and where there is a Telstra mobile phone signal it works as advertised as do my Kindle and iPhone.

    As for remote access – my son is a fly-in, fly-out miner working at a copper mine in the Great Sandy Desert and we have Skype conversations nearly every day – me with my wireless laptop and he with his. The picture and sound is terrific at both ends and if we pay for a few ooVoo credits his partner can join in from Perth too so we can both wave and make faces at his six month old daughter.

    Part of the Coalition’s forward thinking internet policy was to encourage the implementation of a 4G rollout and augmentation of the wireless network in the regions with a few government dollars. 4G will still be rolled out despite Gillard’s deal with the NBN prohibiting competing technology because of rapidly increasing consumer demand – it delivers reliable download speeds of around 100Mbits which is many times faster than ADSL2 and more than fast enough for most internet users with all the benefits of mobility.

    Sure it makes sense to run fibre to institutions and businesses like hospitals and schools with hundreds if not thousands of users attached to hard wired or wireless internal networks.

    Sure it will be great for such organisations to use HD video conferencing or effortlessly shift large files around the country, but the average householder is less and less inclined to be tied to a wall socket (unless they are very old fashioned like bobby) and will relish the speed and freedom provided by 4G wireless. Labor’s old fashioned fishing line to the home is being rejected by consumers with the much vaunted Tasmanian rollout attracting less than 100 subscribers.

    As for bobby’s school halls – that the Qld Labor Government failed so miserably to maintain its schools is not surprising. That a rorted program so ineptly managed by twice appointed and never elected PM Gillard meets with bobby red herring’s approval despite its blown budget, shoddy workmanship and monumental failure to deliver its planned stimulus is also not surprising.

    Perhaps bobby could join his new hero Tony ‘I can’t use a computer’ Windsor’s ‘broad-band adviser group’. Bobby’s lack of knowledge and admitted technical incompetence will fit in well with the others which include an unemployed telephone installer looking for a job rolling out fibre and a town councillor who tells us he’s been to as many as two seminars on the internet.

    Whilst he’s advising Windsor he might ask him why a coal mining company payed him three times the cash for his paddocks than it did for his neighbours especially as it doesn’t intend to mine any coal on his land.

    He could also ask him why after all the ‘advice’ he received he did a deal which forces the NBN to change its business model because the less viable country networks are to be given precedence over more profitable rollouts in densely populated urban areas.

    It’s estimated to cost in excess of $40,000 per household to rollout fibre in the regions in contrast with the $4,000 to $8,000 in the ‘burbs’. The NBN ‘plan’ was to use the cash flow generated by urban connections to augment the billions of borrowed dollars needed to connect the bush. But now there is little chance of generating sufficient revenue to pay for those connections let alone begin to pay for the delayed urban rollout. But I’m sure bobby red herring won’t mind that the Commonwealth will be forced to borrow billions more to keep its NBN promise, after all the left loves to wallow in debt.

    Although bobby red herring’s lack of connectivity may excuse his well-known ignorance of history and current affairs the news Oakshott wildly exaggerated the so called ‘monstering’ he claimed was occurring should have filtered through to the ‘roneoed’ newsletter he obviously uses as the source of his information.

    The ‘monstering’ it turned out was actually one phone call from Bill Heffernan answered by Oakeshott’s wife while he was sitting next to her driving their car.

    Still it’s irrelevant now Oakeshott has been revealed as a serial seeker of ministerial appointments in Labor governments. His parliamentary career is over for all intents and purposes. A former ALP premiere of NSW confirms that Oakeshott’s attempts to secure a cabinet position in his government were accompanied by a threat to resign from parliament if he was denied with Oakeshott saying: “It’s in your interests… to keep me in the parliament, because Port Macquarie’s a safe conservative seat, and if it’s not me, it reverts to the Nats”. And it will.

    Oakeshott’s reasons for supporting the Gillard ALP Greens alliance at his turgid press conference were disingenuous at best as is his claim of being an ‘independent’. When asked if he had been offered a ministerial post he fled from the room. Neither he nor Windsor had the courage to inform Abbott or Gillard directly of their decisions, but instead chose the cover of a grandstanding press conference. An action which is as contemptible as Oakeshott’s self-aggrandising and duplicitous behaviour during the long 17 days of ‘look at me’ before he announced his support for Gillard.

    What is it with the dissolute Malthusian left with lies and deceit?

  • From an abstract of a USQ paper – “Investigation of TCP performance over wireless internet” by Peh, Wee Liang –

    “The demand for providing Internet services over wireless links has grown rapidly in recent years. Although TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) has been performing well over the traditional wired networks where packet losses occur mostly because of congestion, it cannot react efficiently in wireless networks, which suffer from significant non-congestion-related losses due to reasons such as bit errors and handoffs. The main reason for this poor performance of TCP is the fact that it cannot distinguish between packet losses due to wireless errors from those due to congestion. It responds to all losses by invoking congestion control and avoidance algorithms. Moreover, TCP sender cannot keep the size of its congestion window at optimum level and always has to retransmit packets after waiting for timeout, which significantly degrades end-to-end delay performance of TCP.”

    In a nutshell, this is why wireless is inferior to fibre, and you can quote as many cosy domestic anecdotes as you like, it doesn’t alter that fact.
    “invoking congestion control and avoidance algorithms” is a geeky way of saying “it boots you off”.
    I need to video conference for much of my work, and wireless is useless in this application.

    “that the Qld Labor Government failed so miserably to maintain its schools is not surprising”

    Two issues here – the existing schools are well maintained, but there was a hiatus in school construction that lasted from 1957 until 1987. During those years, Queensland had a National Party Premier (Jo Bjelke-Petersen) renowned for corruption (remember Fitzgerald) but not for building schools. Any new schools have been completed in the term of the Labor governments that came into power after 1989.

    Your trenchant criticism of Oakshott and Windsor is simply sour grapes. Bob Katter was also part of the 17 days of “look at me” as you call it, but because he supported the coalition, he is not criticised by Coalition supporters.

    As Katter is fond of saying – there is now a new paradigm. It’s going to take many in the metropolitan media a while to get their heads around it.

    • Another own goal bobby red herring.

      From your own copy and paste: “The demand for providing Internet services over wireless links has grown rapidly in recent years…”

      I didn’t say wireless was superior to fibre; in fact I lauded its capacity. What you fail to understand is that consumers in the 21st century don’t want to be tied to a wall socket. Old men like you may need the comfort and familiarity of an office with a rotary dial phone and bulky video conferencing box on a board room table, but the vast majority of connections by the new generation of users are wireless.

      What is the hottest piece of tech on the market today? No, wrong again bobby, the abacus has been superseded, it’s the iPhone or its equivalent. Wireless device apps like ‘Facetime’ and ‘fring’ are routinely used for video conferencing or just video calls between friends. It’s not just iPhone but iPod Touch, iPad and a host of other new wireless devices being churned out by manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and Nokia in response to massive consumer demand.

      So what does the old fashioned backwards looking Labor Party dream up? A national next-generation wireless network with increased coverage in the bush? No, they dream up an out of date white elephant which will cost the country a hundred billion dollars if the school halls, pink batts, green loans, computers in schools and sundry other blown out projects mismanaged by Labor are any guide.

      The NBN is already over budget and is plagued with the same problems which beleaguered the school halls rip-off which are pushing the fibre rollout costs up by billions. In fact network experts estimate the total cost will increase between 50 per cent and 100 per cent at least.

      As an indication of how inefficient and costly fibre to the home really is, the ALP has paid Telstra billions of dollars as part of a grubby deal to stop it offering cheaper competing products on its existing fibre/coax/copper network. It’s the only way they have any hope of forcing people who require 100Mbits via a landline to sign up.

      I’m glad you think my criticism of Oakeshott and Windsor is ‘trenchant’ as my dictionary defines ‘trenchant criticism’ as: 1. keen or incisive 2. vigorous and effective. Job done I’d say.

      “…but there was a hiatus in school construction that lasted from 1957 until 1987…”

      Bullshit. There were only 36 state high schools built in Queensland up to 1957, by the 1970s there were well over 100. The Bjelke-Petersen government made many progressive changes to the education act and built dozens of new schools both primary and secondary.

      What is with the left and dissembling and deceit?

  • “I didn’t say wireless was superior to fibre; in fact I lauded its capacity”.

    Thank you. There’s vast difference between metrosexuals posting trivia and downloading games when they’ve got nothing better to do, and a system requiring the capacity to reliably carry chunks of essential data across the country. Most of what is marketed by the Telcos is junk applications, of little consequence and irrelevant to infrastructure development. It keeps the kiddies amused.
    I successfully took on Vodaphone through the Telecommunications Ombudsman last year when one of their products failed to perform as advertised. I ended up with a refund of my contract, and an apology, but I’m sure there were plenty of suckers who simply rolled over. The mentality displayed by this Telco is typical – marketing is a much higher priority than performance, because there’s a quick quid in the offing. Consumer demand is created and manipulated by marketing, by the way, which has stuff-all to do with reliable infrastructure.
    “It’s not just iPhone but iPod Touch, iPad”
    I use an iPhone, but I also take a beat-up ZDE Telstra 165i as a backup when I’m working. It works in the bush. Despite its intuitive programming and range of applications the iPhone is not a lot of use when it can’t find the network. The best application of the iPad is its use with applications such as Proloquo2go –
    which enables many speech-deprived people to communicate. This is a fortunate, if unintended consequence of Apple’s technology.
    “Bullshit. There were only 36 state high schools built in Queensland up to 1957, by the 1970s there were well over 100”
    The building of high schools had nothing to do with government largesse. It was a national phenomenon driven by increasingly rapid social change in the 1960s when secondary education became freely available to all children. In addition, the population almost doubled during this time, from 1 392 384 to an estimated 2 213 000. What is more meaningful is to compare school building rates in Queensland with those in other states during that period.
    Your criticism is trenchant, and it is also monocular. It’s pretty clear that the Australian voter is fed up to the back teeth with adversarial politics.

  • “There’s vast difference between metrosexuals posting trivia and downloading games…”

    What utter tosh. You really are stuck in the 1950s – the future is only a couple of years away… [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7_mOdi3O5E&feature=player_embedded]

    “The building of high schools had nothing to do with government largesse…”

    Bobby red herring you stated that: “…there was a hiatus in school construction that lasted from 1957 until 1987. During those years, Queensland had a National Party Premier… renowned for corruption… but not for building schools. Any new schools have been completed in the term of the Labor governments that came into power after 1989.” That is either a lie or yet another display of your ignorance.

    Anyone who lives outside the CDB of a major city and signs up with Vodaphone doesn’t know how to read a coverage map and is simply ignorant of the limitations of Vodaphone’s city centric business model. Time to catch up and join the rest of us in the 21st Century… Sheesh, lives in the bush and chooses Vodaphone…

    I’m pleased you find my criticisms ‘trenchant’, I try to be: “1: keen, sharp, 2: vigorously effective and articulate, as well as 3: caustic”. I’m also fond of being: “3a : sharply perceptive : penetrating b : clear-cut and distinct”.

    One eyed… ha ha ha… Bobby red herring you are the definition of ‘one eyed’.

  • “Sheesh, lives in the bush and chooses Vodaphone…”
    As the adage says, assumptions make an ass of u and me. In your case, an assumption that I signed up for Vodaphone whilst living and working in the bush has done exactly that.
    The service was for one of my daughters, at that time studying in Brisbane and living in Kelvin Grove, less than 10km from the CBD. It didn’t work, despite what the coverage map said.
    Many of the Telcos’coverage maps should be housed in the fiction shelves of the library.
    Apparently this kind of marketing is called “free enterprise” – free of morals, ethics and truth. It’s OK of course, because it delivers a good return for the shareholders and bonuses for the CEOs and senior management.
    No wonder conservatives support it.

  • “The service was for one of my daughters, at that time studying in Brisbane and living in Kelvin Grove…”

    Brisbane is a country town bobby red herring…

    How is your retreat from your lies about Jo and school building going?

    Found a straw man to hide behind yet?

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