aslavc.jpg Where were these cool toys when I was serving. Damn. That looks efficient. Better than the shoe box APC I had to put up with.
A squadron of 25 new state-of-the-art Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) are to be formally delivered to the 2nd Cavalry Regiment in Darwin today providing Army with a major boost in land capability. Defence Minister Robert Hill said the new ASLAVs are equipped with the Army’s premiere night-fighting equipment, the latest target locating system and fire control measures, which incorporate advanced thermal imager technology. Senator Hill said the new ASLAVs would make a significant contribution to 1st Brigade’s ability to be a readily deployed combat capable force able to meet a wide range of possible threats and tasks.
aslaviraq.jpg Here is a shot of the earlier model ASLAV on patrol in IRAQ with the 2nd Cavalry Regiment More>> here if your interested


  • The Recovery vehicle is the only downside. The crane isn’t strong enough to remove the whole engine and gearbox in one go. You have to strip them first and take them out separately.

    Otherwise, they are a fantastic piece of kit.

  • Good side to these and the US Styker is more mobility especially in urban areas and a tire is sure a lot easier to change than a track on an M-113!

    But being an old fogie I do worry about riding on rubber [or whatever armored belted material it is] while being shot at….and rubber material sure burns faster than steel tracks.

  • Wallace. You are dead right but I guess these tyres are better than the old versions and I understand there is a run-flat version and a rim of sorts inboard of the tyre.

    Mind you, one of eigth tyres going flat would be a whole lot less traumatic than throwing one track at speed.