D Day Heores

Sixty years ago today there was a lot of fear in the hearts of the soldiers of the invasion force of D Day as they approached the beaches. As one who has experienced the terror of battle as an infantryman (at about one-fiftieth the level of Normandy) I have some idea of how much courage and fatalism it took to stand up and move out of the landing craft. Their courage and achievements will last forever in the minds of reasonable men. Except the Left and other assorted US haters. Seeking no lands to colonize or rewards other than a stable world the Yanks, Brits, Kanucks and a host of other freedom lovers, including some Aussies, fought a despot to the end. And when it was done they only ask for a small plot of land for their young men to rest in piece. They did the same in the Pacific and then the US, with only some help from us, rebuilt the world, feeding the poor and developing the industries of conquored foe. How soon does the world forget. How soon before they turned on her. The US tries and stabalize the world again and they are turned on by the media and the countries that owe their very existance to their generosity. Visit the small plots of land where their young rest and tell them what the world thinks now. Tell them how much the world has forgotten. No. On second thoughts – don’t. It would lessen the value of their sacrifice. I for one, salute those brave men and I will not forget their sacrifice. And neither should you.


  • Amen. Thank you, Kev, for that which you also did.

  • Bought a tear to my eye Kev. My (elderly) parents always taught me about the sacrifices made for us. It infuriates me to the point of blind rage to see how “grateful” some of the saved nations are today and how forgetful some people are.

  • Pity it’s beyond the Canucks these days.

  • I have relos that served in borneo, turbruk, vietnam, you name it and its a story i never tire of. These poor soles, like you Kev, gave more than their all for the leftist scum that crawl the earth today. My blood boils at the dismissive manner in which the leftoids view these ultimate sacrifices that ultimately shaped the modern world today. I heard a former Greens Senator and now morally repugnant Qaker on the ABC yesterday claim that war or any conflict has never achieved anything except more bloodshed. How easy it is for those oxygen theifs to make such deplorable statements when they chose to be pacifists, knowing that they’ll never have to face the enemy in the theatre of war.
    Normandy was the beginning of the end for a grotesque man and his ideal. The enormous loss of life shows the true value of these galant soles for the ensuing freedom of the Europeans and the rest of the world.
    I thank the US and all our allies and I am proud to stand at a dawn service on ANZAC day to honour all those who gave me my life.

  • I too stand in respect for the fallen of 1944. My own ancestors lie in those fields.

    As for those who pollute their memory by pinning such selfless sacrifice to their latest tired,reactionary tirade – I spit my contempt in your face. They died for freedom – you stand for oppression and the surpression of liberty. You are the enemy they fought. Never forget this.