No NBN scrutiny planned

THE committee being created to scrutinise the taxpayer-funded National Broadband Network will be stacked with Labor MPs and not operate until July.
The committee - promised by Julia Gillard to secure the support of independent senator Nick Xenophon for crucial legislation to end Telstra's market dominance and pave the way for the NBN - will have 16 members, of whom nine will be Labor-nominated. It will be chaired by independent Rob Oakeshott.
With Oakeshott chairing and a labor majority it will produce no scrutiny. Nothing to see here - just move on

One comment

  • One very serious concern with this farce is that, if it is a white elephant (and if it isn’t why not release the cost/benefit analysis?), then Australias telecommunications network will be totally reliant on a commercial failure that is too vital to let collapse and will need Govt funds injected every year for decades.

    Throw in the fact that the people who made pink batts a killer and couldn’t put up a basic shed in a school yard for anything near a commercial price are running it and the starting cost is going to be WAY higher than they are telling us.

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