Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. US companies are developing the ability to stun a person over a 100 metres and to even stun groups of people by ‘sweeping’ the weapon across their front. Human rights advocates are screaming already about abuse and over-zealous use I think of riots of young men in Iraq all holding AK47s and prancing and dancing in the maniacle way they do. Zap ’em, take their AK47s away from them and go back to barracks. They wake up with a hangover and no AK to be silly with. Suicide bombers can be rendered unconcious, de-fused and sent home or better still re-fused and sent back to the bastards who sent them. I think it has merit. Check the article here


  • It always amazes me Kev how the doo-gooders always complain about police brutality or deaths of criminals at the hands of a policemans gun. But when an idea comes along that can prevent this from happening, the same morons are whinging about that too. “You shouldn’t have used that capsicum spray officer, he was only weilding an AR-15”

    A case in point is a lazer that was developed in the early 80’s that was to be deployed in battle by US soldiers. The lazer targeted the eyes, or to be more precise, the retinas of the enemy soldiers. As a result the enemy combatants would be rendered permanently blind but otherwise they were uninjured. The UN and other worthless human rights and civil liberties groups had the weapon outlawed because it permanently blinded people. Has anyone told these monkeys that death is pretty fucking permanent???

    But their ideas do have some merit. I’m all for letting the police shoot these worthless pricks and save the taxpayers the expense of courts and jail cells.

  • Just like tp pick up Kev’s brilliant suggestion, the capacity to stun terrorists, refuse them, send them back to the bastards who sent them :

    refuse with a timed bomb, wrap the bastards up in a parcel post and post them to the address of their owners.

    Timed to go off just after the owners have had time to undo the parcel and stare into the eyeballs of their property, notice the terror in the eyes of the contents of the parcel, notice the bomb, raise eyes in terror and, boom, the lot of them gone.

    In case any sooky leftoid reads this: fuck off you Islamo-fascists terrorist hugging sook ball of a womabt – and wombats are road kill.

  • Heh, I like that line about re-fusing them, Kev.

    I’m still chuckling. Just imagine the outrage from all the Big Conscience Organisations ™ if the IDF did that with a couple of homicide bombers. I think Kofi would be very concerned indeed.

  • Well normally I’d oppose this sort of brutality, but then I think of you Kev, and I guess I could make an exception if it would shut you up for a few minutes.

    And it’s “maniacal” you semi-literate buffoon..

  • Nemesis really is a butt wipe

  • Nemesis? Ooh, serious, evil connotations there. And it’s “fuckhead”, you hand-wringing cockspank.

    I disagree with stunning people in general. It means they can come back another day. If you wish to stand around with AK’s and do the Jihadi Jig, whilst engaging in plunging fire (read bullets go up, bullets come down), then some random .50 cal “sweeping” the crowd should fix that fairly quick. If you hold the weapon, you fall down. You don’t get back up. And if you are in the crowd? Shouldn’t support people who wave small arms in front of heavy machine guns….

  • Gotta agree with Scott. IMHO any towlies carrying AK’s have gotta be considered fair game.
    How about a decent fuel air bomb to really get those animalistic Gaza funerals grooving.
    The IDF should change their ROE to include any swarthy stunt carrying arms or any towel clad group of three or more. Fair game!
    The shit the Israelis cop from the media can’t get any worse anyway so why not up the ante.
    Peace through superior firepower.

  • I lean towards flamethrowers for crowd control.