John Kerry

Just in case you were taken in by shots of John Kerry arriving by swiftboat at the recent convention surrounded by his Band of Brothers take a peek at this sight and find out how many of his Vietnam brothers support him Vets_after.jpg Picture and lead stolen from


  • and how many of george’s war buddies support him? oh thats right, he chose to defend democracy at home… cheap shots reverberate, mate.

  • Cheap shot – no way. Kerry is the one pushing his Vietnam service. If he does that he has to be prepared to cop some flack. He served for a very short time, was awarded three Purple Hearts for minor scratches and then when he came home he crossed sides.

    Don’t expect us Vietnam Vets to give him credit for his service. He went over to the enemy while his countrymen were still dying.

    George doesn’t have any war buddies and doesn’t claim them. The fact George didn’t serve is another matter.

    The point is if you are going to claim war buddies then make sure they are buddies. Still the I’m a Viet Vet hero will work for that part of the population that never look behind the scenes, that accept 30 second TV grabs as gospel.

    But not with me and my kind – men who did the full tour and ignored the shrapnel scratches.

  • Don’t wish to be a pedant, but that’s a picture of his fellow Swift boat officers, not the crew of his Swift boat.

  • Just out of interest, how many of those guys are still alive? How many support Bush?

  • Robert
    Two are listed as deceased and the political affiliations of the others is not given although if they don’t support Kerry they most probably support Bush.

    Mike Hunt

    Yes, they are officers but peer assessment is always more telling than subordinate assessment.