• I’ve often wondered why no one in Australia went aling in Hack’s footsteps and became the same for the Australian Defence Forces. The ADF has it’s fair share of middle level bureaucrats self-serving and protected their vaunted positions. In an age when troops on the ground with bayonets are less than 6 BATTALIONS, when in WW1 we fielded 5 DIVISIONS, there has to be some sort of agit-prop merchant that can make sense and get through to either Defence or it’s civilian masters. It’s just not enough to convince the public, when the command chain is unwilling to make the changes required to enhance the capability.

  • I had the pleasure of communicating off and on with Hack over the years. A prized piece in my autographed book collection is the signed copy of The Vietnam Primer which he authored. An official sort of “after action” report on tactics.

  • RIP “Hack”…..+Lest We Forget+

  • Definitely a soldier’s soldier … highly decorated … he tells a great yarn in his book About Face … although he is a bit immodest for my tastes … didn’t he live in Maleny Queensland back in the late 80s and early 90s? … RIP.

  • Yes he did live up Maleny way after the Scaramouche? Resturant fell thru’ I think his ex eife is still there if she is still alive – I seem to recall she was involved in a antique shop. I agree with you on About Face and he was a bit immodest for us matter-of-fact Aussies, but not for his own kind. Did a lot of agitating on behalf of the US soldier mainly targeting Congessmen.
    Overall I liked his style and respected him. What soldier wouldn’t?

  • Kev … I know this is a late post that many won’t read, but I was given “About Face” by my CO … he gave out books on leadership to all of his subalterns to read from time to time and then discuss. What I got out of Hackworth’s book was making time for training. We train for war in peace but you also train for war in war … that part resonated with me …
    Gotta hit the fart sack … Stevo

  • What a life , as stated in About Face , how did he survive it.
    Seems the cancer did what bombs bullets and his own bravardo could not .
    About face is a wonderful text on man management and should be compulsory reading for all upper management. Lead from the front , look after your people and they will contribute to the fullest. Perhaps even die for you.
    I trained as a soldier , but never had to be one and fear I would have fallen well short of David Hackworth.
    RIP. you are an inspiration, even in death.