Metal Storm

Metal Storm, started up by an Australian but now an International ballistics company, will take the lead role in a US Navy program to develop a system to defeat incoming rocket propelled grenades (RPGs).
?Increasingly, US and allied forces are finding themselves vulnerable to RPG attacks, which generally occur at short range and allow only a fraction of a second for a response.? ?We believe Metal Storm technology provides unique advantages to address the threat posed by RPGs. Importantly, this project will draw on the technology platforms already being developed by the company,
I first met the RPG2 and it’s bigger cousin, the RPG7 in Vietnam. Designed by the Russians, copied by the Chinese and other smaller countries with spare munitions factories and a hatred for us good guys, the RPG has been the bane of infantry life since it’s introduction to the battlefield. Hundreds of Australians and thousands of Americans still carry scars from the beast The thought that an Austrlian born company is about to neutralize them pleases me immensly. And believe me, Metal Storm will do it. Have a good look at the site – it is the future of warfare and policing and remember, the whole concept comes from the brilliant mind of a Aussie, who at the time of his brainwave, was manager of the Woolworths store at Bundaberg, Queensland. Bundaberg, the soldier’s friend. The source of Bundaberg Rum and now an anti RPG weapon. Love it.

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  • Good on ’em. Hope it works.

    In fact I was just wondering the other day how many of those damned RPG’s are still out there? …are they still being made somewhere? There never seems to be a short supply of them…every damn teenage martyr seems to have one.