van Onselen confused

Peter Van Olsenen in todays Perth Now misses the point
At 8000 arrivals in the past year, the numbers are well up on previous years, so it's easy to see why the Opposition is able to stir up community angst
The Opposition don't need to stir up angst - the community can see for themselves that our borders are meaningless and we are being used. If one person arrives on our shores using the services of People Smugglers P/L then we have no border security.
We need larger population growth to sustain productivity. Up the quota and the problem is solved, without needing a tougher border-protection policy.
We do need a larger population but I'd rather we chose who we accept - not have it forced on us as fait accompli Van Olsenen is so far out of touch when he says these people can be an answer to our labour shortage that his ability for rational thought seems to have been suppressed by his endless support for the thugs on the rooftops of our detention centres. It goes like this - at an Australian embassy me your ID papers and you speak English...what skill do you offer...can you support your family if they are with you until you have income NOT come down off the roof....we don't mind that you have destroyed your ID and passport...we don't care that you have no skills...we don't care that you have destroyed government is a job and citizenship and some money to help you bring in your extended family. Get real Peter. I understand that you are ideologically obliged to defend the scruffs on the roofs and to attack and/or attempt to find friction in the Coalition where none exists but for heaven's sake, do try and use logic.

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