Gilding the Lilly

Wayne Swan gilding the Lilly Mr Swan said he knew self-funded retirees have had a tough time in the past few years. ”The retirees I chat to in my local community are really concerned about protecting our unique environment for their grandkids, and that means cutting carbon pollution,” he said. ”So the Gillard government’s financial help will mean retirees can do their bit to tackle climate change, while still looking after their budgets.” Bullshit Wayne! About half of your electorate, myself including, don’t even want you as their member – you only got in on Green preferences and since then there has been a 3% swing against you. The self funded retirees in Lilley that I talk to want you and your silly tax churn out of their lives. You are a dead man walking. So the tax that will not fix the problem but will cost us more just to live will raise fuel by 6 cents a litre and all us self-funded retirees are going to be compensated by up to $760 a year for couples to help. But I bet that figure is to compensate us for all the increased costs that the non-problem saving tax will give us – not just fuel. As soon as power companies are slugged for their products every thing will rise, not just fuel. What isn’t manufactured using electricity? You are waffling Wayne and even your local rusted-on Lilly voters have an uneasy feeling in their gut about what you and the ALP are doing. The rest of us in Lilley, the majority, just want you gone. You need to get out more and talk to a broader sample around town while you have the chance.

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