Back to War Tour

This afternoon at 16:30 I depart Brisbane for Saigon. Blogging will be minimal over the duration of my sojourn in a Third World country however I will try. The biggest problem that I can forseee, will be my Third World standard knowledge of mobile blogging. Best of the season to you all and thanks for visiting.


  • oi!!!!! dad saigon is pretty amazing- got to hotel no worries $6us. just had breaky, it comes free with each night accom, the girls here are generally drop dead sexy. will be at airport waiting for you along with 8000 noisy little veitnamese, the beers not bad either. cant wait to see you over here, hi mum everythings fine love you! you can text message my mobile phone if you need to its working



  • Have a good trip. Should be memorable. I’d like to go myself someday soon.

    See if you can find an authentic genuine Zippo!

  • Bon Voyage, Kev.

    There are likely to be many ghosts lurking there, keep your feet on the ground and a sense of perspective.

    I would value your thoughts and opinions from a veteran’s POV.

    On a lighter note, Merry Xmas and “Up the little red rooster….”