Radical, feral aborigines threaten Gillard and Abbott

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were trapped in a Canberra building for up to half an hour after 200 Aboriginal protesters stormed the entrance this afternoon. The unnamed journalist who penned the piece lays the blame at Abbott's feet. Abbott is quoted in a speech in Sydney where he suggests it's time to close down the gathering of rabble otherwise known as the Aboriginal Tent embassy.
Mr Abbott said he understood why the tent embassy was set up "all those years ago". "I think a lot has changed for the better since then," he told reporters. "I think the indigenous people of Australia can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian. "I think a lot has changed since then, and I think it probably is time to move on from that."
Sounds about right. For a gathering of rabble rousers to be in situ for 40 years does seem a bit much. Maybe they had been drinking commiserating with each other over "Invasion Day". Whatever, they are idiots and they have done their cause a lot of damage.


  • And by the look of them, most of the rioters are Mordecai Bromberg Aborigines

    • Damn right. At least one was Pat Eastock who led the charge against Bolt and was seen holding up the PM’s shoe at Canberra.

      i think most of the white guys and gals were just professional left wing radical protesters against anything

  • The attack on the resturant discussed here is completely unacceptable in a democracy. Our political leaders are entitled to go about their business with their security and dignity intact. The people responsible should be dealt with by the ACT police.
    Also unacceptable is the gratuitous –
    “Maybe they had been drinking commiserating with each other over “Invasion Day”
    in your post.
    When I lived in Townsville in the eighties, there were a group of young teachers on my staff who called service personnel “AJs”*. If they did this in my hearing, I called it every time.
    The imputation was that all regular soldiers were drunken louts. A very small proportion of them probably were, but to stereotype all soldiers this way was simply wrong. You would be rightfully indignant if that kind of language was used to describe your unit or regiment.
    A proportion of indigenous people drink to excess, but to characterise all present at the tent embassy in this way is equally unacceptable.
    Two hundred years of stereotyping probably gets to you after a while……….totally unnecessary and unhelpful, as is the term “feral”.
    (* Army Jerks).

    • Maybe they had been drinking commiserating with each other over “Invasion Day”

      Not generalizing or being racist – did you watch the videos? Not only would they have been drinking but on seeing more pics they would have been on drugs as well.

      I would say the people at the riot only represented the radical left of Indigenous politics and professional anti-anything rioters. I don’t have any time for either group.

      The good guys in the country are sitting watching and saying Uh uh…not good and bye bye any serious discussion on constitutions and giving ’em more money.

      • Kev
        Nowhere have I accused anyone of being racist or generalising. Nor do I for a minute defend the behaviour of the demonstrators.
        To assert however that some of them were high or drunk on the basis of watching a video or looking at pics is a nonsense. You really wouldn’t know – classical stereotyping – like calling regular soldiers AJs.
        I agree that the people involved probably did represent the radical fringe (“left” is these days a meaningless tag). “The good guys” as you call them have enough sense to take this into account when making decisions about constitutional change.
        The term “feral” is applied to animals. To use it is to de-humanize.
        “Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred” (Geobbels’ 18th Principle of Propaganda).

        • You only need a glimpse of the videos to be aware of the presence of professional white protesters. Drugs, alcohol, dole, unclean countenance, metal-in-face jewelry, filthy language and abuse are just a part of the picture.

          That is not generalizing – it is ever thus.

          Feral is relevant – “like an animal”

          Left is only meaningless to the left as they try and distance themselves from the Left’s proven failures.

          Yes the good guys will take it into account that the ferals are not representative of the Indigenous people but as long as the Canberra Black’s Camp exists it will be a magnet to the extremists. It will feature on the evening news as we discuss, if it ever comes to that, the amendments to the constitution.

          Personally I doubt if a referendum will ever get off the ground .

        • “professional white protesters”
          Aha – obviously a conspiracy – they’re paid by the secret police – break out the tinfoil hats.
          “Drugs, alcohol, dole, unclean countenance, metal-in-face jewelry, are just a part of the picture” – sounds like a Big Day Out somewhere, although I’ve yet to master the art of identifying people on the dole by watching a few seconds of their image on video. Do they wear some kind of talisman?
          Are pensioners – also supported by the taxpayer – as easy to identify? Should they also be branded and vilified?
          “filthy language and abuse” – can be heard daily on the drill square.

          “it is ever thus”- That’s determinism. By definition, unless you can freeze time, nothing is ever thus.

        • 17etc, I have this vision of you driving in the hills around Maleny in a red MX5 wearing a tweed drivers cap with a bottle of red on the seat beside you instead of a woman, and totally oblivious to the real world.

  • Thank goodness we have a PM who was concerened for the safety of Mr Abbott.

  • “…can be heard daily on the drill square…”
    Not anymore.

    Do keep try and up 17 bobby red-herring, you’re embarrassing yourself as usual.

    Yet again 17 bobby red-herring’s post is replete with nonsensical red-herrings – false as usual.

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