Canberra riots

Gillard’s answers questions on the Canberra Black’s camp and radical left wing permanent white student riot The Prime Minister was quick to emphasize that though Tony Hodges had acted in a way that was inappropriate, he “did not misrepresent Mr Abbott’s remarks, nor did he incite violence or a demonstration. Sorry PM, I don’t believe you. My concern is that there exists within the government, and particularly the Prime Minister’s Office, a mindset that understand that the government can’t gain any ascendancy in the polls or with the electorate based on their record, thus all steps must be taken to make Tony Abbott look bad. Tony Abbott’s remarks are continually being misrepresented – a case or two in point “Well that’s one ship that did get stopped” and “Shit happens” The PM went on to say;
…..Mr Hodges tried to contact the Minister for Indigenous affairs Chris Burke who was unavailable and then contacted the representative for UnionsACT Kim Sattler.
Now why would he contact Kim Sattler? Because she is in the same game of trying to damage Abbott’s reputation as is Hodges. What’s the odds that they are on each others speed dial. According to Sattler:
“Tony Abbott is like your typical bar-room brawler who starts a fight and then disappears like a coward when it is in full swing,” she wrote.
And this is, I believe, after she had set him up. In the Canberra Times Kim denies being the go-between
When contacted by the Sunday Canberra Times this morning, Ms Sattler said she had been at the tent embassy but she was not the go between. “I heard it from the crowd,’’ she said.
Which is not how Barbara Shaw, Greens candidate and aboriginal activist remembers it;
“Now I know who she is and what her position [is], it’s really disappointing,” she said. “It breaks my heart to know who she is.” Ms Shaw said she didn’t identify Ms Sattler on sight at the embassy rally but later confirmed her identity speaking to others who were there. “She said I should let people know Tony Abbott is over there, so I did,” Ms Shaw said. “I wasn’t the first person she told and the coffee shop is a public area, but there were already people from here going over there. “I was told and I was told to tell everyone else.”
Grubs, the lot of them!


  • Gillard, on the news this evening, was disgusting. Even after all these revelations about how the riots pretty much originated from her office, she just couldn’t let go of her “Tony Abbot is always so negative” refrain.

  • Another brilliant performance from our “Bromberg blacks”

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