‘Country Life II’

I bet you all think you know about the ‘birds and the bees’, that the secrets and wonders of new life are well withing your grasp. Well I’m here to tell you you’re wrong.Witness the mother and calve below. No hanky panky for her. She didn’t even get to meet the bull. Rita, the mother, was flushed at cycle (when she’s on heat)and 15 plus eggs were consequently removed from her uterus. These eggs were artificially inseminated with semen imported from the US and five succesful ‘conceptions’ were implanted in cows. Four in surrogate mothers and one in Rita. All went to full term. The calve in the picture is just one of them.ritaandcalf.gif\n\nThe next morning at Marlborough was the start of the judging. Brahman Cattle studs from all over Queensland turned up. Marlborough may be a small country town but the Brahman industry is huge and any chance to win a prize must be taken seriously.\n\nwashcattle.gif /*!