The Greens are at it again

Western Australia are trying to open a uranium mine with a view to increase the wealth of the state and her citizens. The Greens, of course, are against this. In a test of Labor’s policy to allow new uranium mines, the federal government is facing pressure to erect new obstacles to the project as the Greens meet this week with Environment Minister Tony Burke.
Greens senator Scott Ludlam called yesterday for new federal reviews of the Wiluna mine, 520km north of Kalgoorlie, because of radiation risk as the yellowcake is trucked thousands of kilometres to Adelaide or Darwin.
Easy fixed Scott! Open up the port of Fremantle and the go away and shut up. It has to be trucked so far because the Fremantle Council (and Port) are contaminated with Greenies and Left wing ideologues that ban uranium moving through the port. The Greens, ideologically obliged to stop any mining of uranium or national development that might lead to greater wealth and an improved ecology have found the obligatory “endangered species” at the mine site. In this case it’s a succulent. Any port in a storm. If no endangered species can be found then I’m reasonable confident that they import one. Not only does Australia industry have to develop in the face of the government stuffing the economy and mining industry by incompetence and class war ideology, but we also have to fight the Greens who simply want to stop all development. There still could be over 550 days of this shit….at this rate it will take years to recover.

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