Closing the stable door

The ALP/Earthian Greens are having a lover's tiff. Personally I think it's all spin as the ALP look to justify their behaviour over the last couple of years and struggle to pick up votes from the left....or anywhere for that matter. Gillard knowingly got into bed with these guys and the played the beast with two backs to guarantee her holding onto the treasury keys. It's no good suddenly discovering that the Green Earthians are a dangerous, radical left wing bunch of tossers because we know, by her behaviour, that Gillard is all that and more. The 'more' of course, refers to her incompetency. Apparently the 'blame Abbott' protocol isn't working so Labor leaders are lining up to take shots at the Greens and confront their influence on the government.
GREG Combet, the man in charge of negotiating the carbon tax with the Greens, says Labor does not share the same values as its partners in minority government.
Mate! How can you say that when you negotiated the carbon tax with them. Paul Howes has lots to say, up to and including, calling them 'loopy';
They have got away with their grab-bag of loopy and out-there policies for years. They've got away with it by being passed off as a group of eccentric but basically harmless hippies. People assumed that the Greens might have some weird ideas, but they are never going to run the show, so we don't need to worry about them. Well, we can no longer afford to be so complacent.
But apparently it was OK to be complacent when you and your mob turned back the covers and got into bed with them Paul also mentions the Green Earthian's idea of sport, just in case some rugby league guys read the front pages of the newspapers;
There probably wouldn't even be a State of Origin - we'd just sit around with Queenslanders and play pass the parcel. After all, the Greens in NSW have a policy of promoting "non-competitive sports" such as yoga, dance, trampolining and tai chi over the traditional sports that Australian children enjoy playing. As their policy explains, the Greens "believe too much emphasis is placed on full body contact sports often causing unnecessary physical damage and confining opportunities for participation to the athletic elite."
Leader Gillard has suddenly discovered the green Earthians don't share everyday Australian's values;
"The Greens will never embrace Labor's delight at sharing the values of everyday Australians, in our cities, suburbs, towns and bush, who day after day do the right thing, leading purposeful and dignified lives, driven by love of family and nation,'' she said. "The differences between Labor and the Greens take many forms but at the bottom of it are two vital ones. The Greens wrongly reject the moral imperative to a strong economy.
A picture of the Greens and ALP not sharing values; Lots of Green Earthians said things but nothing they say is worth repeating so I wont.

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