Jobs to go in Queensland

PUBLIC servants are preparing to unleash industrial mayhem on the state next month to protest against job cuts by the Newman Government.
A vote taken by public sector union members yesterday backed a “significant industrial campaign” involving more than 30,000 people at 1000 work sites, including hospitals, prisons, schools and transport service centres.
I sympathise with the public servants (I have a daughter worried about her long term prospects) but really, what is Newman to do? The Beattie/Bligh governments have simply left us with a bloated public service as witnessed by the fact the Anna had to borrow money to pay their salaries. Newman has to claw back billions of dollars to even approach financially responsible levels and we are going to have to pay. It will hurt us and services will be downgraded until he has a grip on the problem. If the public servants wan’t to vent their spleen then they should go find Anna Bligh and tell her ‘thanks for screwing us over and having us live in a fools paradise’

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