Boat people still coming

Paying lip service to a problem doesn’t make it go away as I opined in mid September;
The difference? (between Howard’s solution and Gillard’s) Despite the obvious lack of TPVs the boat people realized Howard really meant to stop the boats while they have clearly interpreted Gillard’s plan as having no teeth. As I have said previously, she only did something to get the boat people off the front page. It’ll simply get worse as the ALP move onto new innovative and previously unheard of ways of stuffing the economy.
Two weeks later, with Labors non-threat in play the boats haven’t even paused. In fact we are heading for another record season. From The Australian;
THE Gillard government’s offshore processing regime is running behind schedule with just 150 asylum-seekers sent to Nauru, despite expectations 500 boatpeople would be housed on the island by the end of September. The threat of being sent to Nauru does not appear to be working as a deterrent, as 1107 people are thought to have arrived in Australian waters on 17 boats since the first planeload of transfers touched down on the tiny Pacific island on September 14. Customs and Border Protection yesterday confirmed the interception of the fifth vessel in less than 48 hours carrying 146 asylum-seekers and three crew.
Do the ALP really think that the voters aren’t noticing? My statement that it’ll simply get worse
…as the ALP move onto new innovative and previously unheard of ways of stuffing the economy.
is also proving correct as Wayne Swan tells us the that economically matters are on the improve with the nation’s debt now standing at $43.7 billion rather that $44.4 billion previously noted. This encouraging revelation is backed up by Penny Wong saving $200 odd million by making public servants fly cattle class. Wayne says “Well done Penny”! I say WTF, the debt is 43.7 billion leaving Penny a long way to go before she gets a “Well done” from me, or I suspect, from the voters

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