Roxon coming under the microscope

Misogynist Supremo, Peter Slipper is fast becoming the ALP's worse nightmare but Roxon, the Commonwealth first lawyer is steadfast in her hypocritical refusal to address the issue. Gillard hasn't even been approached on the matter to my knowledge. Yet! Roxon has indicated her distaste but declined to comment because the Ashby sexual harassment case against Mr Slipper is still ongoing. It was also 'still ongoing' when she publicly accused Ashby of bringing a vexatious case to court but apparently that's different. Maybe a legal reader could explain why - can't see it myself. It's hard to imagine an Attorney General favouring the Misogynist Supremo because his demise would disadvantage the ALP. She wouldn't be that incompetent and hypocritical, would she? Let's see now...we have the Ex ALP President Williamson charged with fraud and hindering an investigation and implicated in the theft of union funds, Craig Thomson facing allegations of theft of union funds (presumably soon to be charged as well), the Speaker in court vainly trying to defend himself against obscene misogyny and sexual harassment charges, the Attorney General interfering in legal procedures, the 'handbag hit squad and others calling Abbott a misogynist (oh the hypocrisy) and then we have Julia Gillard. And that's not even mentioning Carbon Tax, attacks on business, Wayne Swan and his bottomless pit of borrowed money, boat people lining up for social security and a gutted defence department. Just another day of the ALP experiment. UPDATE: Roxon at Punch
Let’s look at what our Government has, and will, deliver for women and ask what the Liberals, in contrast, failed to do in 11 years in Government and what Tony Abbott would do if he became Prime Minister.
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  • John Van Krimpen

    They really are incompetent and remark poorly the Graduates in law, political science and unionism, nowadays.

    We have had the lawyer ladies (we have two first ladies) show such poor understanding of their profession that one resigned before becoming disbarred and another if she had still been practicing instead of incharge of the show would have been facing disciplininary charges for interfering in matters sub justice.

    Meanwhile we have one Julian Assange sitting in the Ecuadorian Embassy claiming asylum.

    You would think these two ladies would be able to satisfactorily resolve issues like this being lawyers.

    Everything they touch or comment on is just plain wrong or incompetent or illegal. 

  • John Van Krimpen

    To pun poetically,

    John Grisham himself could not write this shite. 

  • couldn’t be penile envy could it ????

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