ALP & Independants vote for misogynist

Slipper is safe for the moment as a motion put forward by the Coalition falls short by one vote. Windsor and Oakeshott sell their souls to the devil to maintain their seats, Katter abstains and Wilkie sides with the Coalition.
Labor, with the help of Greens MP Adam Bandt and independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, defeated a motion to unseat the speaker by a margin of just one vote. Independent Andrew Wilkie and Western Australian National Tony Crook sided with the Coalition in the vote, which was defeated 69 votes to 70.
Tony Abbott moved the motion at the beginning of question time, declaring Mr Slipper's position untenable following the emergence of sexist text messages authored by the Speaker containing "gross references to female genitalia". The ALP used the only ammo they have in their magazine - ABBBOTTABBOTTABBOTT - accusing Abbott of being a sexist misogynist ignoring the fact that Abbott isn't and Slipper clearly is. The voters know Julia and they are coming for you. UPDATE: Slipper has resigned as Speaker

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