Realizing that most Aussies picked up on the hyprocisy of the ALP, Greens and Independents voting to keep an obscene misogynist in the chair whilst attacking Abbott who is anything but a misogynist, The Age and SMH felt obliged to put a positive spin on the day. Knowing that they wouldn’t get any in Australia they went overseas and sure enough they found newspapers and blogs that praised Julia Gillard for her attack on ‘high and mighty’ Abbott (as one source reports). As usual both papers carried identical reports, and as usual, both missed the point. Gillard and the ALP are our embarrassment and we don’t care what foreigners think – we just wish they would look elsewhere until we can rid ourselves of the debacle that is the current parliament. One would have to wonder how the women in the ALP face their electorates, or for that matter, themselves, having voted to keep Slipper in the chair. How can any of them now occupy the high moral ground on any matter and, more importantly, how can any of them attack Abbott for being a misogynist when they have already shown they support misogyny if it suits their political agenda. The quoted foreign press and bloggers need to be told they are lauding a woman who supports misogyny when it suits her purpose and for that reason alone she has no credit in this country. There are some locals who still think she is OK but even they recognize hyprocisy when they see it and in the quiet moments must wonder how it all went so wrong. How can we survive another year of the ALP. How much further damage can they do? Only time will tell but the short answer is they can do a lot of damage in the time they have left and it will take the country years to recover.


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