ALP spin goes viral

Labor and supporters are pushing the “brilliant Gillard attack” on Abbott’s motion to de chair Slipper. Look, they say, it’s gone viral overseas – why don’t you Aussies appreciate the quality of her attack. The ABC stuck with the line all day yesterday with the text at the bottom of the screen shouting “GILLARD’S SPEECH GOES VIRAL”. The ‘viral overseas’ line is a McTernan construct. He realized, most probably about halfway through the speech, that it would not be received well in Australia where Slippers behaviour and Abbott’s non-misogyny was well understood. Sending copies of the speech to friends overseas who could be relied upon to rally to the cause in ignorance of the full facts, or even in knowledge of the facts, would enable him, ALP ministers, his staff and compliant media to announce the speech has gone viral. To castigate Abbott for misogyny in a debate about Slipper beggars belief and frankly I don’t care if the speech went viral. That simply underlines the power of social media, not whether Julia’s speech was good or not. Stephanie Gardiner at the Sydney Morning Herald notes Julia’s speech “impressed overseas political pundits.
The Prime Minister’s 15-minute speech condemning misogyny and attacking Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s history of comments about abortion, women’s roles in the home and their ability to wield authority has impressed political pundits in the US and Britain.
Stephanie quotes who starts their piece with “Australia’s prime minister Julia Gillard is one badass motherfucker”. A class opening line and reading through the website they obviously have the hots for Julia. Feminism…not married…no religion – a perfect role model for their website. isn’t as radical as Jezebel but they are clearly a pro Democrat site. Alex Massie at the Spectator says Julia is more than a man’s bitch but the enlightment is in the comments. It makes sense that McTernan had people ready to go online and support Julia. Tim Andrews at Menzies House says;
No-one, it seemed, bothered to check Fairfax’s sources – or just who these great “political pundits” were. Indeed, it would seem that Ms Gardiner was careful to not name names. And for good reason – if she had named exactly who some of these “political pundits” were, she would have been laughed right out of a story.
He goes on to question the bulk of quotes I can almost sympathise with the rusted on ALP supporters starved of any positives from their party to be all over this “speech gone viral” construct but really guys it hasn’t gone viral where it matters.


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