Guilty Bastards

Thinking of voting Green? Before you do you should look into their practices in the bush. In an article entitled Green philosophy burns bright once again by Roger Franklin the Green’s disregard for the people who live and work in the bush, for their lives and for their assets is fully explained.
As for reducing fuel levels with controlled, “cool” burns during spring and autumn, the cultists will always fight that tooth and nail, as they did for years in and around Nillumbik. A procession of fire experts visited the district and saw nothing but disaster in the making, but their reports and warnings were rejected by a council whose officers were busy ticketing residents for collecting fallen wood from the verges in front of their properties, amongst other offences against green goodness. Dare to cut down a tree, even on private land, and the fines were ruinous.
Lives lost to the Green Goddess but still they force their insane and dangerous practices on the country, most recently in Tasmania, and what amazes me, people still vote for them. Read the entire piece

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