Road of Bones

A lifetime ago I fought in Vietnam as an Aussie Infantryman. I did so because I believed communism was evil and wanted to do what I could to stop it’s spread. Over my life I have been continually bemused and confused by the likes of Phillip Adams and cohorts who never saw any evil and still today believe it is the answer to the worlds problems. I submit that it is a therapeutic, every so often, to remind ourselves about the horrors of communism. A living testament to that horror can still be found today in Siberia. It is the road that runs from Magadan to Yakutsk, otherwise known as the the Road of Bones


  • At least the Communists never dropped nuclear bombs on anyone! If America can think that’s right then obviously Capitalism isn’t the answer either. Somewhere in between maybe?

  • Are you a complete idiot? The road of bones was built on the bones of the borgouis! These were the capitalists of imperial russia, the men who owned the money and made the proles starve, the kind of the “Let them eat cake” variety. Those people were punished, maybe to the extreme but for a good reason for how they had treated the peasants. No worse than the execution of the Monarchy by the french during their revolution.

    So lets weigh up the facts.

    American drug corporations charge rediculous amounts for medicines which save people from suffering, those people aren’t rich enough. Let them die!

    American fast food corporations program children with desire using bright colours and interesting characters into begging their parents to eat their food, which is cheap, bad for them, addictive (opium in mcd’s cheese for instance) and worst of all supporting corporations to perpetuate this obscene behaviour.

    American weapons programs continue to grow even though there is no tangible enemy, america is keen on inventing an enemy to test their new weapons on. America has been at war somewhere in the world since they entered the second world war, this includes amoungst others Korea, Vietnam, Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq.

    America has two thirds of its population below the bread line, and provides little or no free health care to the poor, only those with medical insurance can see a doctor, which is about one quater of the population.

    America takes its position to artificially inflate the price of fuel to increase revenue during hard times, this has a knock on effect to all of the other countries in the world plummetting us all into recession to save the american economy.

    America controls most of the worlds wealth when people are dying because they cannot feed themselves.

    American corporations control (and store) most of the worlds wealth when most of their people are starving!

    America cannot handle a war on its own and generally calls on the better trained, more capable british army to fix their problems, AND DON’T EVEN MENTION THE SECOND WORLD WAR! They were just cannon fodder.

    The sole idea behind capitalism is that the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and all the fat cats can smoke their big cigars and chuckle at how the peasants will do anything for a penny.

    In russia

    The bread was devided evenly, and only because of american blockades was starvation ever an issue, blockades on russia’s imports from overseas created famine in the USSR to try and pursuade as many communists as possible to defect to america.

    Everyone had a job in russia

    There was no gun crime amoungst the people, no robbery and no slave labour. People worked and were fed by the state, there was no in fighting because people were equal.

    In america, gun crime amoungst their own citizens is at a rediculous level, they hate each other because of money, and kill each other for it.

    Russia spent a large portion of its GDP on building nuclear weapons to DEFEND themselves against america, who were known to have used and were willing to use nuclear weapons, for fun?

    Russia sent missiles to cuba in RETALLIATION for america installing missiles on turkish soil within range of the kremlin.

  • Stalin was worst than Hitler! he tortured & killed even his own soldiers! That road of bones was
    not made only by those “borgouis” u mention, all intelectuals (writers, teachers, etc) from other
    cultures inside the ussr were first tortured, then killed or sent to gulags like those in this
    road to work under inhuman conditions. It was Stalins way to russify all minorities, real comunism
    never existed in Russia, the elite of communist party & related “friends” were living better than
    the zars! while the rest couldnt even move from their hometown to other!
    If being an idiot is: live & let live, then i am a full idiot.
    Thinkin for one´s self is a must!, believe what other think is an animal reaction.

  • Communism, as a political ideology does have it’s problems but the capitalist system that we currently have in the west, which is snow balling out of control is also not the answer.

    It was not the political ideology that killed 20 million people building the road of bones but the idea that some people are more important than others. This notion is evident in both comunist russia and in the capitalist west. Stalin was simply removing any and all peoples who would/could oppose his grasp on power. Fear kept the remainder in check.

    Communist Russia under Stalin was run in a similar fashion as corporations are in the west today. The executives live the high life at the expense of their own workers, creating and perputating, in many cases, a class of working poor. Western corporations just can’t kill off their opposition, but they can let them live in poverty without proper health care.

    What the problem is is simply greed. To have, period. Be it money or power or influence or any combination of these.